Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

This wonderful classic story is probably my all time favourite picture book. 

This is the tale of mischievous little boy Max and his trip to where the wild things are. After getting into all kinds of mischief, Max is sent to bed without his supper, and then things really take off! The illustrations, including the iconic cover image, are just fabulous; the story is told in simple language that resonates so well with children; it has adventure, danger, wonder, and a happy ending; and I've always found Max to be a character that kids really relate to.

Everything about the illustrations in this book amaze me - the incredible detail, the simple and effective use of colour, and the amazing imagination in the illustrations of the wild things - I just love Love LOVE them! Maurice Sendak really was a genius.

Maximilian and I have only recently started enjoying this book together - mostly because, unable to find my original copy, I have only recently repurchased a new edition for us to read. It's good timing though, as the story is just the right length for his 18-month attention span. He loves the wild rumpus pages and also loves to say "No" to the wild things, point out the moon throughout the story, and say "hot" at the very end when Max returns home to find his supper waiting for him. It is wonderful to see the development of Maximilian's language skills through sharing stories and this book has been a great example.

I've always found the wild rumpus pages are a great opportunity for children to interact with the story - particularly in a group setting such as library storytime, the kids love getting up and romping about like wild things!

I am sure this will be a book we will continue to enjoy for years to come. At the moment it is definitely a favourite and I often have to read it several times in a row!!

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